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IDMANN Institute provides training in professional development and technical entrepreneurship through our College of General Studies and the School of Experiential Learning, respectively. We also provide secondary and pre-secondary tutorial services through IDMANN Academy. All our courses are offered online in live sessions with seasoned instructors.

As the demand for our services has grown, we are looking to hire online music instructors to support our students. This will be a fully remote part-time engagement with classes taking place typically in the late evenings and on weekends. Students are usually organized in very small groups (1-3) and so the instruction is personal and effective. Students may typically be anywhere between the 1st grade and the 7th grade (nominal ages 5 through 12).

We are seeking TRAINED music instructors that can convey the love and appreciation of music to our young students. Our STRONG preference is for music instructors with experience teaching very young students. Applicants MUST have very reliable broadband internet access as well as a computer with a webcam (not just a phone) to access our online classroom environment. Instructors would also be expected to have a headset to ensure effectiveness in the online tutorial process. The instructor is expected to have their own keyboard, as will each student. Students are expected to learn music theory as well as receive instrumental instruction. The principal instrument for instruction will be the piano/keyboards. The ability to provide vocal training would be considered an advantage for an instructor.

Interested candidates must submit ALL of the following:

1) A current resume (in pdf).

2) A cover letter (also in pdf) outlining your preparedness and relevant experience for this position.

3) A short video of yourself playing the music in this file: You may play the pieces individually, or introduce movement to combine all the pieces into a single flowing delivery. You are free to introduce additional vocal elements if you so wish but the video presentation must cover all the pieces in the file. Depending on the nature of the file, the video may be too large to send as an attachment. In that instance, it may be sent via

4) A brief lesson plan covering about 6 weeks of initial instruction for elementary schools students new to the piano. The mini-lesson plan (pacing chart) does not have to be very elaborate but should highlight the key topics to be covered in the first 6 weeks, as well as demonstrate a graduated approach toward development of the students' musical skills.

All application materials should be sent to .

Location Online - Global
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Field Early Childhood Educator
Middle School Teacher
High School Teacher
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Date 03 January 2021
Start Date 03 January 2021
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Contract Fixed-term contract
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IDMANN Academy provides tutorial support to secondary and pre-secondary age students in the core subject area. We also provide tutorial assistance in support of assessment tests and entrance preparation exams for students. To learn more about IDMANN Academy, visit



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