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At IDMANN Institute we provide training for personal advancement and professional development. We have an opening for a number of production assistants who would support our training, learning and knowledge services operations. The production assistants would be responsible for creating short video content, video illustrations, as well as graphic elements to support our core tutorial efforts. Some of the visual content may also be used in our marketing and outreach efforts as needed. It would be reasonable to expect that some of the content may be publicly available on platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and others. This is a position that is ideally suited for interns interested in video editing, content creation and multimedia production. It would be beneficial if the assistant has a particular interest in education, educational management, or human capital (or human resource) development.

Assistants would be expected to support - and learn from - staff who are responsible for our educational programs management, and outreach efforts. We welcome applicants at all levels of development and experience, including more experienced applicants individuals seeking to effect a career change into video editing and multimedia content creation.

To be successful, candidates must have all of the following:

  1. Outstanding facility with video editing and content creation.
  2. Good understanding of the impact of education on personal and professional development.
  3. Very high level of attentiveness to detail.
  4. Very good writing skills.
  5. Sound organizational skills.
  6. Experience with videoconferencing (and possibly remote learning).
  7. Good facility with social media platforms.
  8. A professional and competent disposition.

Applicants should submit a CV and cover letter to . The cover letter should outline the candidates training and/or experience as it relates to this position. Any applications without a cover letter will be deemed non-responsive.

Employer Job ID: OCE-DDCS-VCD1614

Location Old Umuahia, Nigeria
Nigeria - National
Online - Global
Field Video Editor
Video Editing Analyst
Video Producer
Time A
Date 13 May 2021
Start Date 28 May 2021
Length of Employment Indefinite
Contract Employment Contract
Company name The IDMANN Institute Visit company page
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IDMANN Institute provides personal enrichment, professional development and technical entrepreneurship training to post-secondary students and working professionals. All our programs are offered online and are taught by live instructors in a highly supportive online learning environment. To learn more about IDMANN Institute, visit


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